About Helga

דובי פורת

Re-introducing you to the experience of a genuine sausage

Hi guys! Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Helga – Helga Wurst. And my team and I are here to provide you with the best that the world of sausages has to offer.

You know, we believe that a good, genuine sausage is hard to come by these days. We’re surrounded by a modern world with all that fast food and cheap supermarket meat – but traditional flavors and a feel for quality seem to become more and more extinct.

But how could we find out what a “genuine sausage” is?

Flavor is memory. Flavor is almost like family, comforting you and telling you that the world is still alright, all in all. Over the last years, we have dreamt of a product that could take us back into the good ol´days, when our grannies used to say “a meal without meat is not a meal”, and would treat us with delicious sausage snacks like a “Fraser” or “Cognac Salami” and fresh cold cuts.

To realize this dream, we have traveled into faraway lands, have ventured around the globe to meet the real artisans of sausage craft. From central and Eastern Europe, all the way to the Asian and South American continents, we were in search of those genuine sausage recipes.

And while we worked as apprentices to traditional sausage makers in Germany or the Czech Republic, their secret practices were slowly revealed to us. We collected recipes and studied the smoking process of a Kielbasa sausage in Poland, and what really makes a Frankfurter a Frankfurter. Sausages, that have been around for hundreds of years, free of any preservatives and chemicals.

It seemed to us that real quality these days is rather to be found in tradition than innovation – at least when it comes to sausages.

Pure flavor created from quality ingredients, and nothing else

Thus, we made it our personal and professional mission to spread the joy of authentic flavors. We wished to produce sausages made of high quality ingredients and passion, according to the ancient recipes that have been passed down from generations – and nothing else.

Our sausages originate in the peaceful, lush Allgäu region in the heart of Bavaria, where local meat meets both traditional and exotic spices. We take established recipes from around the world, and enrich them with our very own flavors that makes Helga’s sausages so unique and charismatic.

And above all, each and every one of them is completely free of preservatives, artificial flavors, gluten, and any other kind of additives. With Helga, you get the real thing, meat and spices, and that’s it.